​Your career depends on good planning

As an early career researcher, you quickly reach a stage where the sharp focus of PhD study or the demands of initial postdoc positions give way to insistent questions about the future.

Questions like: 'What do I want from my life and my professional career?', 'What are my options and how do I go about exploring them?', or 'Where will I get help with planning and making choices that are right for me?'.

How does Career Control help?

The Career Control for Researchers program gives PhD students and postdocs the tools, guidance and confidence to take charge of their career direction, determine their own priorities and accelerate their progress.

If you are a researcher, successfully taking charge ultimately means you

  • win responsibility for your research direction and resources
  • secure positions you target, on conditions you prefer, not just the next research job
  • get involved in work that stretches, stimulates and fulfils you
  • achieve a genuine balance between your work and what you want from your personal life.

How will you benefit?

When you complete the program, you can expect to be equipped with:

  • clarity about the strengths, preferences and goals that should inform your career choices
  • certainty about the talents, values and attitudes that will anchor your career
  • ​specific career destinations to target for the short, medium and long term
  • ​a comprehensive personal career plan
  • ​a good understanding of the transferrable skills you need to make preferred career options possible.
Participants' comments about Career Control

“The program provided an opportunity for me to overview my working life from a 10,000 ft height. It made me think deeply about the real motivation of my life and helped me crystalize my career goals. More importantly, it showed me alternative career pathways and helped me map out a detailed action plan step-by-step toward my goals.”

“The program covered a wide range of topics that are highly relevant to a postgrad trying to work out what direction they wish to take in their career, and even just figuring out what the options are to start with.”

“It offered a new perspective about the value of a PhD.”

“I got a lot out of the program, it was easy to do, flexible, didn't take up much time in the week and was very insightful! I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about their strengths, weaknesses and future work directions.”

Image of researcher with career control

How does the program fit your schedule

Career Control for Researchers has been created for early career researchers engaged in PhDs or working full time as postdocs. It is delivered online in various formats so you can choose when and how to take part.

A timeframe of 8 weeks lets you pace yourself and join the live, web-based discussions with career specialists in the weeks between modules.

The average time commitment to complete the modules is 1½ to 2 hours per fortnight, to fit in with the already full schedules of most researchers.

Program Structure

One of the program's 4 main modules is made available to participants online every 2 weeks. These modules are paired with interactive webinar sessions in intervening weeks, led by the program providers to address participants' questions and give advice on specific career development issues.

The program concludes in Week 8 with a bonus module to help participants identify their existing transferrable skills and which capabilities they need to develop further. 


  • 4 online modules (written and audio formats)
  • Live webinars - moderated by PostdocTraining: Q&A and peer discussion
  • ​A bonus module on transferrable skills needed to reach short and longer-term career destinations
  • ​Free access to the Career Options Masterlist, an extensive database covering dozens of career paths pursued successfully by researchers, within academia and beyond
  • ​Researchers retain lifetime access to the program material and all the resources (since career planning is an ongoing process)
  • Participants can also join a closed LinkedIn forum moderated by PostdocTraining to continue exchanges on career progression with research peers.

Note: The time commitment to complete the modules is 1½ to 2 hours per fortnight, depending on the amount of detail participants use in their analysis and planning documents.

Image of program structure Career Control for Researchers

Register now for Career Control and get all the tools to take charge of your future for just US$147

* The next program cycle starts on Tuesday 6 October 2020: register now to secure your place *

We will send you instructions about your participation when you register, to the email address of your choice, with information about logging in as a member. Access to material is through a dedicated program portal so you can take the training when you want, where you want.


PostdocTraining will refund in full the payment of anyone completing Career Control for Researchers

  • if the program does not meet your expectations
  • if you do not feel clearer about your career direction
  • if you do not feel more assured about your career priorities and how to achieve them.

    * * Special Offer to all Career Control participants * *

    Anyone who registers for Career Control for Researchers and chooses at a later stage to transition to the full Postdoc Career Success program will receive a credit of US$120 towards the cost.

    Postdoc Career Success adds 11 online modules, one-to-one mentoring and personal advisory services, tailored specifically to postdocs' circumstances. It provides training in managing time, people and projects effectively; strategies for publishing and securing funding; how to build networks; and how to pursue specific career options within and outside academia.

    When you enrol for Career Control for Researchers, you will receive a personal code that will allow you to redeem your US$120 credit when you register for PostdocTraining's full Postdoc Career Success program.