For Group Heads

​Make the space for career development

  • Do you want to support your postdocs and PhD students with advancing their careers, but struggle to find an effective way to do it - let alone enough time?
  • ​Cultivate self-motivated postgraduates who complete PhDs on time and independent, productive postdocs who engage in their own career development.

If you supervise students or lead a research group, Career Control for Researchers is an ideal way to secure training in career planning for PhD students, and postdocs in the early years post-PhD.

This 8-week online career planning course equips all participating researchers with the essential information, tools and guidance they need to take ownership of their career direction and accelerate their progress.

View a PDF of the program's structure and components.

* The next program starts on Tuesday 6 October 2020 *

​​Training for your group

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Career support for your researchers

  • ​Register individuals or a small group of your researchers direct for US$147 per person
  • For groups of 10 or more, secure savings by using our pilot process - you might ask your institution's central administration for support
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Register direct or via your institution

Take the next step - register up to 10 people direct

  • ​Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send us the first and last names, and the email addresses, of the researchers you wish to enrol. They will be added to the list of participants for the next course automatically, and we will invoice you via email.

Run your own pilot or get support from your institution

  • Our simple 5-step pilot process gives you and your institution an easy way to train 10 or more early career researchers, and/or test the suitability of the course for wider roll-out. To find out more, click the button below (includes pricing in US$ for cohorts of different sizes)

Supervision and oversight

Career Control for Researchers is a fully outsourced training service and does not require direct ongoing involvement from sponsoring group heads or institutions. On request, however, supervisors and administrators can register as Program Leaders to have access to the course content and resources. Program Leaders can also access PostdocTraining's personal email advisory service, for support on any career-related matters raised with them by PhD students or postdocs.

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