Why the fuss about 'Career Control'?

  • PhD students and postdocs face serious challenges to their careers as researchers, less certainty of direction and a lack of job security.
  • Short-term contracts, an oversupply of PhDs in a hyper-competitive market for research positions and scarcity of funding are ever-present worries.
  • Most early career researchers want to stay in academia, but there are fewer opportunities than ever to do so.

Career success takes planning

Given the pressures and the competition, no emerging researcher can afford to lose time or make career choices that don't capitalise on their strongest abilities and personal priorities.

PhD students and postdocs need to know their options - within and beyond academia - and plan their destinations early.

To make the best career choices, researchers must understand their own skills, preferences and 'non-negotiables'. Creating a well-informed career plan is the key to motivation, confidence and speed of progress.

Narrower academic career paths - the sciences tell the story

2012 statistics showed only 21% of postdocs who expected a tenure-track position actually secured one (Science Magazine annual postdoc survey).

Biomedical scientists' chances of remaining in academia long term are about 10% (US National Institutes of Health Workforce Report, 2012; The Australian, September 2012).

In the UK, only 3.5% of science PhDs are employed as permanent academic staff (Royal Society's 'Scientific Century', 2010).

Introducing Career Control for Researchers

Career Control for Researchers steps PhD students and postdocs in any discipline through creating a practical, achievable career plan that aligns precisely with their own professional strengths and personal preferences.

If you are a researcher, it is a program designed to give you the tools and guidance you need to take charge of your career.

Whether you don't yet know your preferred path or are looking for the best way to reach a goal you've already picked, the program will equip you to pursue your own priorities with confidence.

If you manage researchers, Career Control for Researchers offers the means to provide high quality career development support, consistently across research areas, without eating into time for academic supervision or adding to staff burdens.

Imagine: a rewarding career and peace of mind

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PhD Students and Postdocs

...do you want to know what your career options are, how to make career choices that are right for you and create strategies for pursuing them?

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Supervisors and Group Heads

... do you want to help your PhD students and postdocs with career planning and development without eating into all-too-scarce time for academic supervision and research?

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Research Managers

... do you need to find a cost-effective, consistent way to support career planning for your emerging researchers that creates self-awareness, confidence and ownership of career direction?

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What does Career Control for Researchers offer?

The program gives postdocs and PhD students clarity about where to take their careers and maps how they should focus their efforts to accelerate their progress.

In four training modules spaced over 8 weeks, researchers create their own comprehensive career plan and map how to put their plan into action. Also included is a bonus module on transferrable skills and access to an extensive career options database.

Career Control combines on-line material and exercises with interactive components including webinars. The live events allow participants to ask direct questions, learn from specialists about strategies to support their career development, and share in their peers' experiences.

Who delivers the program?

Career Control for Researchers is a service created and delivered by PostdocTraining, an independent, private company specialising in professional and personal development training for researchers. It offers a unique combination of online training and face-to-face tuition, one-to-one advice and mentoring.

Founded by former neuroscience postdoc and research fellow, Dr Kerstin Fritsches, the company teaches essential skills and introduces tools that early career researchers can apply immediately in their work, starting with comprehensive career planning.

For more information, please visit www.postdoctraining.com or contact us directly with any questions at info@postdoctraining.com.

PhD Students and Postdocs

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